How one thirty-something single man finally settled down.



There’s another Greek war hero that isn’t as popular in the history books. And maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be. Maybe Ajax always wanted to make a more silent but significant impact…and humble was his middle name. Okay, you’re wondering, what does a Greek guy have anything to do with…anything? Well, who would have guessed it, but Ajax, the hero that fought in the war of love, would make his rounds for romance thousands of years later? The Trojan War was (roughly) about one man finding the most beautiful girl, and falling in love with her. Let’s hear about a similar story that happened in San Francisco, California.

Ajax was adopted by his father when he was one years old. He never knew his mother. To make matters even more complicated, he walked with a limp. This doesn’t exactly sound like a Greek warrior to you, does it?

By definition, a hero is admired for his brave qualities; usually rescuing someone from a ravage situation or fighting for a great cause. So in terms of this, yes, he was a hero. What’s a better cause to fight for than LOVE?

A thirty-something single man in this city is more normal than not. When he’s focused on his career, and has a booming social life, he doesn’t have the pressure to settle down. In fact, he seems to run from it….because he can. Single men can meet new women, and have fun and casual relationships, because they don’t have a biological time clock that’s telling them in order to have three kids, they need to be married by 30, first kid at 32…and so on.

Then came along Helen of Troy, in Greek mythology, one of the prettiest women in the land. The girl also had the spunk and confidence that could catch anyone’s eye. But thirty-something single man had met a lot of pretty girls before. A lot of cool and interesting girls to boot. What was different about this one? Why now?


Ajax was adopted a few weeks before Helen and thirty-something met. Ajax’s purpose was to ground the thirty-something and test his waters of commitment. And the man loved him right away. He wasn’t the perfect son on paper, but perfect to him. So why is Ajax a hero for love? Timing. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a firm believer that timing only plays about half the role in relationships. If a guy likes you, if a girl likes you, you work at it. You make it happen until you do, or you stop because you can’t any longer. Ajax was the 50 percent of timing that made it work. He actually might have propelled the timing to happen at the exact time it needed to. To make thirty-something finally be in n the right place in his life to open up.

Maybe he opened thirty-something’s eyes to seeing that one person to love isn’t such a scary thing? Because, the moment Helen came in the picture, they hit it off… big time. And Ajax became the glue that held the couple together. Helen would watch the dog when he was away, they’d take it on walks, and it became a middleman in their relationship. Both of their best friends and both a stable force in their relationship. Instead of being super social after work, or weekend trips away, Ajax was a new commitment.

It would be hard not to say that Ajax was meant to be. There’s always a  reason why people (or dogs) come into our lives, and I think Ajax’s was love. He helped two people make a strong connection, when previously, it might not have happened.

And the most ironic part of the story? Did I mention that Ajax wasn’t named by thirty-something, but rather by the dog pound? Ajax was named from a great Greek warrior, a warrior that fought for love, before this love story even began. He was born to be silent yet significant from the start. A true hero.